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Virelai is based in Denmark and play music from the middle age and from the Danish folk tradition. The repertoire includes dancing melodies from the south of Europe as well as old Nordic ballads and songs.

You can meet Virelai anywhere: in the streets making people dance wild; at a medieval market with the children singing along; at your school's, company's or best friend's party or as a soundtrack in a fantasy evening. You can be taken into a circle chain dance or sit down and fall into some old legend sang by Mia.

The word Virelai comes from old French and means ”the beauty of music, dance and poetry”.  The band was founded in 1999 by Søren Hammerlund and since 2005 they are:

Mia Guldhammer: voice and percussion

Søren Hammerlund: hurdy gurdy and mandola

Jacob Lund: davul, darbouka, frame drums and percussion

Martin Seeberg: flutes, shawm, viola and jews harps

You can listen to some of the musik at this site or at facebook
and order the Cds: virelai@virelai.dk

Virelai You Tube

Link to Virelai 7 Lovers, You Tube 7 Lovers

Link to Virelai Carselfest, NL 2013, Skaaledans,You Tube Skaaledans

Link to Virelai The Kings Children, You Tube Children of the King

Link til Virelai, Trolls and legends, Belgien, 5 Sheeps, 4 Goats,You Tube 4 Sheeps 5 Goats




Virelai fest

Virelai: Jacob Lund, Martin Seeberg, Mia Guldhammer and Søren Hammerlund